We want to give our clients what they really want – information on what they owe or can receive.

We take care of the data part for you. The tools we want to provide to you are not meant to overwhelm you.

Trace Financial is a growing, small but mighty team of professionals that are working to deliver clients the very best service.

We absolutely still have the feel of a small business where you can usually catch the owner via Facebook Messenger. If you call, she answers or calls you back.

Our level of service and commitment to our clients is unprecedented.

We are striving to not only become Denver’s premier accounting firm, but more importantly, the accounting firm our clients recommend to everyone they know.

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“Liz and her team at Trace are awesome to work with. As a small business owner, they knew exactly what I needed to help lower my tax burden. Definitely recommend them for anyone.”

– Joe Massarotti

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