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We understand that taxes are rarely high on the list of things people actually want to do, but they are essential and we can help.

The key to filing confidently is two-fold: it involves proper planning and hiring experts. Proper planning can set you up for not only success, but also streamline the process so it doesn’t eat into an entire weekend (or more). Simply put, it takes the headache out of the process. As far as the skilled experts, that is where we come in.

Generally speaking, most tax strategies need to be discussed and put into action no later than November the year before filing. The strategy needs to be discussed and adjusted to suit individual needs long before the end of the calendar year in order to maximize the benefits.

We are more than happy to assist individuals and families that want to file correct taxes without hassle or worry. We can help with strategic tax planning or tax preparation.

Tax preparation is something that really should be left to the professionals. No software is going to properly analyze the information submitted and mine for additional information that could result in saving you more money. Additionally, no software is going to let you ask questions you may need answered. Be sure to find a professional that has a proven history of success.

Lucky you, you can check that off your list.

We have a number of reviews from thrilled clients who have left their tax stress with us and went about their weekends camping. Aside from a knowledgeable tax professional handling your accounts, we also make sure we are limiting the chances of missed deductions, which equals more money for you now.

Our services include:

  • Double accuracy checks before submission. We know the common mistakes the IRS looks for that trigger them to reach out to taxpayers. We work to minimize those encounters!
  • Committing to our holistic approach to business, after taxes are completed, we provide a list of helpful deductions that are applicable to your personal needs based on what was found. This is to help with planning and limiting future tax liability.
  • Cloud-based document management with electronic submission to IRS for a streamlined submission and refund process.

We may know a thing or two about tax planning here. We specialize in understanding the various subtle distinctions of tax laws and ever-changing tax codes that can greatly impact your returns. Seeing how we focus on taking the proactive approach to tax prep as our main strategy with clients, we have found that providing them with a tax planning service helps to ensure that they are prepared for their upcoming tax filings.

Some examples of beneficial strategic planning can include:

  • Optimizing your business structure: Did you know a slight shift can save roughly 15% in taxes?
  • Maximizing your retirement contributions: There are strategies available to maximize your retirement as well as family members, if eligible.
  • Health care expenses covered by the company, do you have employees? If the answer is no, you may want to explore this option.
  • Do you have children under the age of 17? We should explore the benefits of hiring your kids and saving on taxes while building their retirement accounts(Certain accounts can be withdrawn tax-free for college!).
  • Purchasing a business vehicle vs mileage: Do you know the true benefits?
  • Maximize your charitable efforts and potentially the tax benefit too.

The above examples and more tax-saving strategies are steps we help our clients take.

They have clear financial benefits, but also provide intrinsic value and our clients receive:

  • Elimination of stress or worry about high taxes owed.
  • Retirement account growth for you and potentially your family.
  • Planning for future investments with proof of income without paying more in taxes than necessary.
  • Build a strong foundation for future college expenses.

It is our goal to not only help you reach your goals in business, but also provide value to our clients by building in strategies that maximize their returns. This means that when we are doing our job correctly, the expense of our services can be covered in the savings we bring into your business.

Trace Financial is a growing, small but mighty team of professionals that are working to deliver clients the very best service.

We absolutely still have the feel of a small business where you can usually catch the owner via Facebook Messenger. If you call, she answers or calls you back.

Our level of service and commitment to our clients is unprecedented.

We are striving to not only become Denver’s premier accounting firm, but more importantly, the accounting firm our clients recommend to everyone they know.

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