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Meet Our Founder

Liz Kiel, EA. Director of Accounting helps clients by working with them. Not just for them. She sits beside them and goes into detail regarding their business, their goals, and their problems. Together they work through their priorities and determine a path to reaching their goals. Never one to shame clients for taking missteps in their financial journey, she understands there is a lot people don’t know. That isn’t their job. Their job is to grow their business and sharing their passion.

She educates them as much or little as they like. She likes to think of it more as a doctor’s approach: holistically examining the overall health of a business, not just the single pain point. She is an enrolled agent, a bit of a smarty pants, and passed all three tests in 30 days. She is working on her CPA next and has an affinity for good nails & even better craft beer.

6 Guidelines to Building a Strong Business

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