About Trace Financial

Trace Financial started as a pipe dream for one of Denver’s most skilled accountants, Liz Kiel.

Liz was a bit of an overachiever and dedicated to providing clients with a space that made them feel like they could actually feel good about their business set-up, personal or business financials, and taxes.

After working for years in firms and partnering with others, she decided to make her dream a reality. She understood first hand the type of service clients needed and the level of support each account would need to maximize the benefits she wanted to provide her clients.

Simply put, she wanted to create the accounting firm she would want to handle her own financial situations. She wanted to create a place where other skilled and dedicated accountants could do their job to the best of their abilities and flourish.

Trace is founded on three main pillars

Education for our clients matters.

We know that many times people discover how to do things the proper or necessary way only AFTER they have done them wrong. This is very reactionary and not in line with how Trace operates. Trace Financial is, by design, set up to take a proactive approach to business set-up, accounting, strategic tax planning, preparation, and tax filing.

Education for our clients helps to ensure that they are aware of possible missteps that could have very real financial implications in their business. We don’t want to wait for the client to fall in the hole and then help them out, we want to let them know the hole is ahead and help them cross it without need of a rescue mission (or panicked 2am emails).

Businesses, small businesses specifically, are the backbone of this country’s economy.

Being a small business ourselves, we understand the level of passion and dedication needed to make a business work. That is why we help our clients to let their business work for them, too. It doesn’t all have to be a labor of love. Because remember, a lot of times entrepreneurs are working for free.

That’s right. Every time you are at the shop or working for clients, you are hopefully getting paid.

However, how many hours do you spend creating the website, creating marketing content, sending emails, learning new software, trying to understand Quickbooks, filing receipts, Googling tax deductions, etc.

That last one is especially fun, where you get sucked into Reddit boards for hours reading the back and forth of commenters only to emerge with more questions and fewer answers. The point is that small business owners spend so much time doing “backend office” actions that although necessary, are not actually adding to their bottom line and are detracting from their quality of life. We want to give that back.

We provide our clients with an intrinsic value that cannot be overstated and is very much a driving force behind why we do what we do.

We want our clients to be able to breathe a sigh of relief. We want them to actually focus on doing what they are here to do.

Whether it is a brick and mortar, life long dream gourmet cupcake stop, a family-owned repair shop; or an online service provider – we want our clients to feel confident in our work so that they can show up more presently in theirs.

Meet Our Founder

Liz Kiel, EA. Director of Accounting helps clients by working with them. Not just for them. She sits beside them and goes into detail regarding their business, their goals, and their problems. Together they work through their priorities and determine a path to reaching their goals. Never one to shame clients for taking missteps in their financial journey, she understands there is a lot people don’t know. That isn’t their job. Their job is to grow their business and sharing their passion.

She educates them as much or little as they like. She likes to think of it more as a doctor’s approach: holistically examining the overall health of a business, not just the single pain point. She is an enrolled agent, a bit of a smarty pants, and passed all three tests in 30 days. She is working on her CPA next and has an affinity for good nails & even better craft beer.

Trace Financial is a growing, small but mighty team of professionals that are working to deliver clients the very best service.

We absolutely still have the feel of a small business where you can usually catch the owner via Facebook Messenger. If you call, she answers or calls you back.

Our level of service and commitment to our clients is unprecedented.

We are striving to not only become Denver’s premier accounting firm, but more importantly, the accounting firm our clients recommend to everyone they know.

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“Liz helped me get set up correctly with my business, and I cannot tell you how much more confident I feel about the tax process now. It was so daunting to me and she made it easy. I recommend her to everyone, either starting out or established, I’ve learned enough from her that I know anyone could use a fantastic accountant.”


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