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Our mission is to provide high-quality accounting at an affordable price.
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What we believe

Our slogan is “trace what matters” because we believe in setting our clients up for success in every way. Trace specializes in accounting that better prepares our clients in the event of future audits. We not only itemize and submit, but we also organize in a way that makes an audit – a stressful time for anyone – much more bearable.

Our services

Small Business Accounting

We offer a number of customizable business packages to create the most personal and tailored approach to every client’s business needs for taxes and accounting services.

Personal Taxes

Here at Trace Financial, we are more than happy to assist individuals and families that want to file correct taxes without hassle or worry. We can help with strategic tax planning or tax preparation.

Why Trace Financial


We believe in helping our partners learn what to do - the right way.

We want to ensure our clients understand how to protect their business as best as possible so they don’t have accidental slip-ups that jeopardize the protection they have invested in.

We don’t look at clients as “clients.”

We view them as partners. Sometimes partners make mistakes. That’s absolutely fine.

We don’t believe in making them feel shame about making a mistake.

In the infamous words of Maya Angelou, “when we know better, we do better.”

We take a lot of pride in being different from most accounting firms.

We show up for our clients, consider them partners & educate them on what they need to know BEFORE they need to know it.

Liz is more like hiring a CFO for your business than contracting a CPA! She can anticipate business needs based on financials and make strategic recommendations on reaching your business goals. Liz is absolutely fantastic!

– Deanna Locke